First time here? Start with this!

First, thank you for reading this?
Second, I use this place as a journaling ‘thing’, I’m not a ‘bloggest’ or pro writer and if you read any of this stuff you know that punctuation and grammar are a language I can destroy as well as English, since I speak American, mostly.

So these post have been under several names, GOD GRACE AND GUITARS, (when I was playing music for a living), then it became GOD IS IN THE DETAILS (when I was being more ‘religious’ than I am) and now it’s about BICYCLES.

Next week it might be home decorating, though I doubt that very much.

And why in the name of God and all the Holy Angels and Saints do I think anybody reads these posts (other than me when I receive a copy in my email) or my wife who feels she need to make sure my meds haven’t completely destroyed my brain.

What the point here? If I knew how to have several blogs with individual themes and topics and posts I would, I don’t know how to do that, I don’t even know how to do what I’m doing now.

Evolution is so hotly contested by fundamentalist and scientist but the real proof of evolution is in Start back at the beginning if you have need of the changes this thing has gone through.

Problem is that the header I have today is now the header for the post I wrote/posted back in 1989. See? shoulda had several blogs and proofreader’s and editors, but I’m just a guy talking to himself, and guess what? I’m loosing interest in this piece which is really in the scheme of life not really all that important.

Hey, the scheme of Life, now there’s a title I could make header for as I take a trip to the header>>keep your sense of humor Gertie, all is lost if you lose it!