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Father, again the separation conjures the infernal question: how do we align our will with Thy will? Certainly not to expect your will to bend to our selfish needs and cravings.

Your will Father is deeply laid out in the WORD. Your will can be found in our power of Prayer Thought and Silence. Meditation…to seek and desire the Fathers will.

If it is right it is righteous. If it is not righteous there is an unsettlement in the soul-being, the gut feeling, a simmering fear, a physical conflict, the eternal conflict. There is no small clue there but a raging truth.

Our Father, our God, you are Lord, we are self willed servants of the weakest kind, the weakest of the weak.’ 

Will power, whose will is it really? Thy will be done means your will not ours.

Self willed and strapped with the challenge of self control. The smallest molehill we have the mixed blessing power to turn into a mountainous obstacle, a mountain only YOUR will and our faith can remove.

We often consider your will to be a thing granted us, however, under the illuminating light of selfishness this can be seen as a self manipulated reason to satisfy selfish desires. Oh! will the mental and spiritual conflicts never cease?

Father, guide us away from playing the game of truth manipulation.

In todays meditation we read:
“Lord, help me to seek and head your council—even when it may be against my strong desires”