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Hello, readers, if there are any readers here. Ok, I know there are few and I know you read what I write out of respect for my senility and my age, one in the same, however, this blog known as joejuliano.wordpress.com is coming to an end.

As I look at my posts, they go back to the first 6 in 2009. There are over 250 posts, most are rants and raves about the ills in my mind and heart, the struggle with depression, children and death, music and the evolution to a passionate love affair w/bicycling. Wish I wrote more about that but there are so many really pro riders that write about riding there is little that I could add. On thing I do like about this platform, I can put a picture where I want it in the post. Now that I think about it, if there was a reason to NOT jump posting sights that would be the only one. Must to my annoyance blogging is not WYSIWYG, (look it up if you don’t know what that means). It’s like designing in a word processor and making it look perfect but that language does not compute in Blogonia.

lay it down for a day

I write random, stream of consciousness stuff that was not meant to be entertaining. And I was/am not selling anything.  I was looking for friends to share my inner self with. Kinda goofy really. I hardly ever leave the house but I look for friends, or acquaintances who happen to stumble on my blog. Like me stubbing my toe in the night on the way to the bathroom. Once I know where the stubber is I can look at it and avoid for any further interaction. Or, I can touch it with my toe gently and call myself a winner over pain, I won’t get fools again! Have you come to read my pain an my resolutions, (always relying and ending with God) and found yourself saying “gee, at least I ain’t that bad”? I’ve succeeded.

Ok, this post was not planned. No pre-work, this writing was to be short and sweet.

I want to use another platform to post a new view of the inside of my head/heart/soul and or bike shorts.

I have discovered something called ‘hits’, how to make a blog site more discoverable to surfers. Oh, let me say this here, that I have grown out of love with WordPress because its gotten all about money. If ya want a different type face, ya have to buy it, or a different way to in bed pics or vids.

Many if not most now come to WP with the intent to sell themselves, or their product.

It’s a blog mall, I don’t like malls or big box stores.

I’m almost done here.

My next move is to uncover a better URL (web address referring to me) to attract readers who know about Ontology, and Scrupulosity (there is a repost here from Blogger-where whence I seek a new home). But first I will have to listen to the muse and the Father for a name that will speak/invite/inform and attract writers who are also readers. And preferably not going to try to sell me on how to make a better blog by purchasing a domain/web site. I’m a poor retired man not in $$$.

Got it? Need I go on? No? I’ve run on long enough? It becomes obvious very quick in  writing that I take a very little time in pre-planing and final editing. No wonder no one reads my cry for intercommunion- no, intercommunication. I can say in 1,000 words what many good writers can say in 100. They have little time and deadlines, I have too much time and deadening ear drums. That stuff is in my post about my music career.

Hello? Still on the line? This post is a pre-bail-out. When I get the new site going, (don’t hold breath-must breath-air in a must)  it will be easier for me to deal with and hopefully much cleaner for your part in it all.

There is the part of my blogging (blogging, I’m not a blogger, I’m an old man who loves to hear himself think and write it down and try to make word ends meet and be deep, and have a little fun with words—not bad for a high school drop out—oh, you could tell huh?) WHERE WAS I, the point of my blogging is looking in my mind/heart to find out who I am and see if I can for the love of God share something for the reader to become apart of with the writer.

If you get all that, you pass.

Perhaps you are one of the 3 or 4 people who get updates when I publish (fancy word for a hack like me) hopefully the next update will be a GPS to my new neighborhood. Thanks for reading and see ya over there.

I should live so long,

so should you

so long!

PS: ya know, after doin this one, I’m looking at the preview and suddenly this platform  looks pretty good. Second thinking myself again at 9PM, bed time.

Should I move, or should I stay, Ok sleepy dust do your thing and tell me when I wake,






I should live so long.