Out of slumbers cellar

Hope, Hope, Hope,
from the depths comes the word HOPE, a thought/word reverberating against the walls of sleep— from my slumber’s cellar comes—HOPE.

To what purpose is HOPE materializing from the morning mist before my minds eye and before I’m fully awake? Four pedestrian letters to create a world of questions. Where do these AM mysteries originate? What are the means for me to hold onto the benefits and let go of the rest so as to not confound a righteous quest?

grounds for believing something good may happen,
a person or thing that may help or save someone


Have I not heard it said sung and pray’d more times than I can count?
‘Christ our HOPE for Glory’,

Here is Hope leading one to Hope

I am a simple pedestrian in search of words on the road to excellence. Through this journaling exercise I hope to exercise any potential stumbling blocks to my new morning. Though this is my righteous effort, there is always a possibility for confusion and  distortion. Here I hope to put righteousness before the wrong-useness and  lay a sound foundation for HOPE in my day.