By the power and grace of God that he is given me I am able to think positive thoughts and speak positive words to mold and shape and create a positive day.

So, this I pray.
This then is the truth: I am intentionally changing monitoring my thoughts before they become anything other than positive thoughts
So, this I pray


My thoughts-like Superspeed nano things become what they will-
However if I live in the will of God these thought things will be God willed.

So, this I pray.

If unmonitored and left to their own design by my past (which no longer controls my present and future) affect my present as well as my future.

So, this I pray

The prayer goal I bring to you Father is this :

Holy Spirit help me To Think to choose positive thoughts
Holy Spirit help me To select and Speak positive words
Holy Spirit help me to mold and shape positive moments-moment by moment,
moments making hours
making my life a moment by moment journey of monitored thoughts,
to make a positive day.

So, this I pray in closing

With a thankful heart and mind I come to you Father, in the name of Jesus_for the mindful and intentional power you’ve given me to choose my thoughts and words so that the Father is glorified in the Son and the Son glorifies the Father.

Wonderful words no doubt, I can not do these things alone
I need you Lord Jesus so help me God!