Thursday’s prayer-
occurring sometime in the morning of 3/7/17
‘Faith will take care of me’

I want to be blessed with the mind of Christ,
an attitude of gratitude,
a servant, grateful to be alive, and blessed with time and space to rest.

I am thankful to have a loving positive companion
who has garnered many rewards for her faithful natural giving nature,
a companion who I can share joy with and so often her’s becoming mine.

I’ve the desire to serve, as of yet, I’m not sure what that may be,
I want to be ready for the sweet opportunities service brings.

With this new day comes a new way of thinking.
(this new way is not all that new to me really, it comes and goes,
its part of the ups and downs of my life).

I will now give thanks to Our Father,
Thank you Father.
Simple prayers are the best.

There will be enjoyment in this day—I am eager for it,
knowing full well there will be tests to this faithful view,
I will see the tests a-coming, like dark clouds warning a storm
I will see through the gloom with faithful eyes.
I will witness and feel the high gates of heaven.
Too lofty a goal for a sinner such as I?
but what is gained by weak easy goals?

I will keep Faith in Our God—OUR GOD!
believing He is here, always available,
knowing he is listening through the Holy Spirit.

As I take care of my Faith,
My Faith will take care of me.