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Embrace what is lovely
When your hurt try’s to separate you from love
Embrace the lovely
When you fight the right what are you left with?
A boil in your soul that infects your attitude
you become the enemies tool

Your time is too short
Your breaths are numbered
You’ve lived your life in slumber, for God’s sake its time to wake.

What did you learn today at THE SHACK
We’re your tears real or an act-
I was there- the tears were real- I felt your trembling lips
the beating of your quickening heart.
I Am You

That was no act at the Shack
seat 13 & 14 @ 9AM show
that was your Father calling you back
believe in miracles!

Embrace the lovely
embrace love
be quick to forgive
talk back to the liar with affirmations of your own
Of the truth you hope for
Of what you long for
Of what you live for

Sunday School @ The Shack
Row E seats 13 & 14Screen shot 2012-06-18 at 8.43.14 PM