a major minor player in life
the descriptions of which
seems dependent upon intellect
doctor speak, patient speak
bone on bone, the involuntary moan
the ahhh! shi*,  profanity heard from the recipient
of pain’s sudden secret attack

Hip, knee, back, neck,
pain—it lurks with power to jerk one from a state of norm
to the mountain top of disease
plummeting then to the pit of despair
a flash, or an hour,
what is time anyway when pain is having it’s way

sources are listed in a labyrinth of books and Googles
in medical and or physiological hoopla,
pain’s recipient needs a psychic to decipher it all
causes are innumerable,
abundant and unpronounceably infuriating,
simply too long a list, from birth to death

the unwanted companion, the stowaway, the hitchhiker
a terrorist, a kidnapper of joy and peace,
invisible assassin, miserable,
tolerable to a point, a point which becomes less palpable
to which relief in any form becomes the necessity
ignoring future pains for the alleviation of the pain of the moment

Physical pain has a spiritual value
much to the pain’ists unawares,
Pain, the tormentor, Oh Hell, lets go for broke here,
Give it a name once and for all, PAIN—the devils toy made in his unholy workshop— hell

Prayers, he finally prays
the pain’ist prays in hope if not quite faith
and to the PA he thinks ‘don’t ask it again On a scale of 1—10’
the number you request is not on my scale,
no number is needed at all,
indeed I’ll have it tattoo’d on my shoulder

Pain is Hell, a pathway to depression