I’m upset with myself for what I said
To often words without thought come flying outta my head-another mistake.
Then, my love, you hurt and run away
To the tv room or the Target store. So here I am I’m attempting  to make it better by being like a shrink and psychologist ( to them I’ve been ) reminding me to forgive myself for mistakes I make- “every body makes mistakes.”

So who better than me to forgive me.
For my desire to forgive must start someplace! If forgiveness is gonna be let it begin with me/- it begins and ends right now, right here–the past is gone, done and done over–hear me devil? —
No room in this inn for you tonight.

Mr Mistake breaks this chain–but I fear my friend, Mr Bike, that Mr Mistake is destine and designed to return again 😦

And so it goes.