TireAnxiety with My Honeys Money
Bicycle tires—guilt and money, Christmas and Hallmark and my very favorite honey,
she way too good to me.

Guilty guilty over all my Debbie does for me_buys for me-gives to me
I feel like I’m taking advantage of her —just getting getting getting
Tires are the issue today —bicycle tires

They actually cost twice as much is my car tires
And bicycle tires are all designed for different types of weather situations,
ride in the snow or the ice or the mud or the hard dry trails

Since I have no money of my own any money that I’m going to put down on one tire — (like on lay by)—or gonna pay a little bit on two tires then charge the rest, or just put money down on two of them and come back later is all like a flash card before my minds eye, making me DIZZZAAAY!

BOTTOM LINE? feeling selfish and guilty about taking advantage of being a spoiled brat

Underneath all of this is the fact that the bicycle is all I seem to be involved in or care about or get out of bed to do—(read THE RIDE).
I think about riding when I go to bed,I dream about riding as an example last night it was like flashcards going through my minds eye (again withe the mind’s eye?) about the cost of tires.

So much guilt that this morning I looked over at her and I said Debbie, honey, I gotta do something special for you this Christmas, like what is it that you want for Christmas ? What can we do to make your Christmas special like the Hallmark TV shows you watch?

Maybe the other one wasn’t the bottom line, maybe this is the bottom line or some line above or below it, THERE IT IS!! no matter what I do it’s her money. Even if I wanted to make something, which I don’t know how to do, I would have to go to Menards or Home Depot and use her chargecard to buy the tools to make the thing I don’t know how to make.

So after all this talk about guilt and feeling bad about using Debbie’s Money am I ready to shut up and not get the tires and do without the tires and not make another thought about tires and be happy with the tires I have?
I can’t let go of the thought about having better tires, tires like the pro riders have, tires that doctors can afford. Tires with 120 threads per inch, tubeless tires, back wheel specific to storm berms and float over powered snow or nail corners with side walls that grab the Terra firma even if it ain’t so firma,

My therapist suggests sitting looking at a candle because I’m to Yin, or is it Yang,
and the first thing I thought was, Oh My God, Chinese tires?


TireAnxiety with My Honeys Money