It seems as it has been since forever since I wrote anything,

So be it, the river comes from back there going somewhere

tributaries and boggy places, swift running, stagnant, who knows who’s to say why the voice has gone silent, I’m not sad, I regret not, I obey the tide of time and the flow of the flow of God,

Hear me Father, I’m ok, the who I am is not the who I was and the who I was wan’t that much except in my own mind, now, I’m at peace with the peace and the pace of my life, no MTV, no ‘all about me’, no new songs other than the sound my guitar make as I strum in darkness with no particular goal but to intertwine with the vibrations of the strings and the colors of sound.

I am not feeble, I am able and this is what I am able to do tonight, goodnight Regina, Good night Elizabeth, God night Father.