Sometimes being retired is fantastic. I can ride my bicycle anytime I want as long as the weather doesn’t try to kill me, or vehicles on the road as well.

I have a self proclaimed nickname, no one gave it to me which becomes quite evident when you see what the nickname is-solorider!
Once I was a song writer. I don’t know what happened to that song or why it ended. But sometimes bits and pieces of a verse or chorus come back to my mind, which at this moment I think I’ve lost-my mind that is.

To move on an impulse or sit and stew over it. Roll the dice, win, lose, or draw. Life is a lottery-you can’t win unless you buy a ticket, but buying a ticket doesn’t guarantee a win.

At this point, if you’re still reading this psychobabble you’re probably saying what? Why me? What’s this all about?

Honestly sometimes retirement sucks.

So if you ever plan on retiring have a good plan, I will say that again!!!have a good plan.

I was just thinking of some of those verses and choruses I was speaking of and I thought I’d drop you a line in the water, and at that point this becomes a fishing story.

Be well, stay well, see ya on the trails.