For all his praying and saying, his battle with fear never ends. The Lord has saved him as it was written.

The Holy Spirit has blessed him by fire. He remembers the minute day and year of that baptism. Still, the doubt battle goes on….

if I confess with my mouth Jesus is Lord- and I pray the Psalms of trust and repent and mantra Phillipians 4:4-7, why am I still plagued with anxiety father??

no answer….. Is my faith a lie??….others are all so positive….my faith gets rocked by logic…I seem to see problems…..those problems are opportunities… I’ve been told…… I just want to know that you know that I want to know that you believe me….

once I was asked

“ do you believe in God?”

“yes” i shouted!

“good then, do you believe God?”

Words are to easy to spend, do you not see? grace and faith cannot be bought with words……they must be lived.