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Sept. 10, 2015

My daily email devotion this morning posed this question: Who is your hero? 

Brain pause and speed bump of the mind. I had no immediate answer and that bothered me.  In spite of that, and because of that, having no jump-out answer immediately available, I felt, and not for just a few minutes. 

I’m still learning that in times of trouble, big or small, its sometimes best for me to do nothing hasty, nor condemn my self for being less than perfect, it’s ok to admit indecisiveness.  I’m also building the habit of where to go, what to do and how to listen in times of real perplexity, which, this seemly small question was gaining size as the morning went on. 

I prayed. I thought on this question in a sort of meditative manner and I believe God put this in my heart as well as in my mind in response to: Who is your Hero!

Mother—you are my hero!
Finally my small feeble selfish mind is able to see your strength as you suffer each day with your weakness.

You mom, who in your long troubled hurting life never quit, bent, or begged.
You mom, who are now almost in total physical dependence on the helping hands of aides and nurses who once were strangers but are now your admirers and friends. All admire your still sharp mind as you strive with great effort to live and continue to do some things for yourself.

It is you who I admire mom, especially now in this time of your stress and failing health, the inner strength you have keeps you strong on going and going strong.

I humble myself before God and ask HIs forgiveness for past words and actions of all those, myself included, who treated you as anything less than His daughter, a child of God, grown to woman. In these your senior days, you are still his child within an aging body in dependence of His mercies.

In that independence you’ve always had you never wavered, never doubted or denied but always acknowledged the grace and mercy of Jesus and Gods will and His plan.

The Sunday school answer to the question to who is your hero is Jesus, the Son of God. However, in this school today, the school of life, mortal and immortal, you are my hero mom. I admire and respect you and see you now in ways I never recognized before. I now see what I failed to recognize with my selfish eyes. Lord, Jesus, who takes away the sins of the world have mercy on mom.

In your time Lord, welcome her home with a hero’s welcome, near your throne so as  to touch your hand and see the face of Jesus.