This blog was called God Grace and Guitars since 2009. copy-taylor-for-blog960-2602.jpg

Well, due to issues, do I really need to get into that? No!
The guitar/music/performer/songwriter/recorder part of me has gone the way of last winters snow, it’s melted, melded, it’s morphed, it’s been dwarfed by the need to do something that fills the pot-o-passion. God provides-a bicycle-

I had vocal cancer, chop chop, no more singing, there, now no guessing.

So the other day I realize along with the shift in the seasons and the passing of passions I stopped writing. I have long stated that this blog is my psych couch. Making followers is not its goal, sanity and talking with God is.

So, riding daily has become the thing I do, 12-15-25-34-50 miles, what ever, winter and summer here in Minnesota.

So because of all or part of that I thought I needed a new name for this blog that only I see/read/ (an I only read posts once, seldom go back-a lookin). So I named it The Word (for God) and wheels (for, well, da!)

But I’m not comfortable with that, because it’s by Gods grace I live, and by His Word do I keep track of how to live. Pretty much every thing is the same, so for the day or two it was The Word and Wheels, fine, I need this place to be God, Grace and Bicycles.

Not as simple for me to find the place to re-set the name but I will and I will thank God for His grace and continue to praise Him with my life the best I can.

Now Lord, that being said, can ya help me find the place to get this place called
God, Grace and Bicycles?

Later ya’ll