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I’m guessing it’s not all that hard to write 100 words. I believe it is just as easy to speak 100 words. The key is to what extent those 100 words have any value. To educate? To provide humor? To inform, (is that the same as educate.)

I think a tougher task would be to limit ones self to 100 words.

There are approximately 86,000 some odd seconds in a day. Now, the mind is going at a breakneck speed even before we get out of bed so the pull to start talking is like gravity, I can’t see it (*) but it’s there. Pages says (*105 here, WP says 104 here).

Well, at least we can depend on gravity to be correct (WP 116 here)

Is there a point here? (WP 122), Yes I just finished dinner and I’m working on stimulation of the creative side of my brain. (WP 140) (Pages 150>were getting closer) and if I can limit myself to 100 words a day that have meaning then…..what? (WP 160)

Well, (WP 161) BTW, Pages count this > as a word.

I will now call this a great effort with no effect for the betterment of human kind. (WP 186) Pages (203)

Good night (WP 190) but who’s counting! (WP 195)

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