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No matter Lord where I go, near you or far from you the thoughts of music are still ever present in my soul-does a soul think? Does a soul have thoughts? Yes, the spirit you have put inside of me does.

I don’t think I know what to think about. The past is the past, I’ve sung and play’d and lost and left the passion of the star of the stage, but, still I long for the song, the song of meaning in the key of my life.

I ask where are they who will join, collaborate, where are those who will press the record button while we jam for you Lord? We be jamming for Jesus.

So pray what Matthew say. Pray I do. Do I really pray? Do I really pray with the humble reverence and respect of child to father, follower to Lord? Or do I mouth words in a magpie performance at the proper time to myself and hope you hear the shallow truth I try intently to deepen.

Writing—where is my writing—What happen’d to the blog I posted GOD GRACE AND GUITARS I embraced for years? What has happened to the voice of the writer Joe?

I have so many questions.

I love that I have locked onto the Christ walk, Christ holds my hand on the path of righteousness. Help me Abba father God to follow it and not worry where it is taking me. Just being on the Christ walk is a fulfilling peace, but is it enough? Well, there could always be more. It’s the American way.

What steps what action do I take in all of this and that? Mostly my thoughts are on the flesh level and are about riding my bicycle (riding your bicycle?????—really?). And for that passion I do give you thanks, thanks be to you God for spinning the wheel and spoking me to get off my couch and get active. In there, out there, on there is my prayer. My efforts are a sacrifice of sorts to you and in there you deliver to me what I knocked for—to be, and feel alive and in that I do.

Alas, now is the time to knock for a mission—a purpose that fills another’s need, others, more than just me.

Bicycling? Music? Song writing? Jesus Jamming? What is all this?
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Hear my prayers Lord Jesus, I know you do! I’m knocking at the door for ‘a thing to do!’
(be specific Joe)

God you have blessed me with so much. I don’t know what to ask for so let me start here:

  1. Waking each morning with your face in my face, and your name on my lips before my feet hit the floor and the devil has a chance to start a,knockiing at my mental door
  2. to be pleasant to my wife and soul mate, to bring her NO PROBLEMS, to bring her love
  3. To offer a smile all the while, I know the word intentional, I know it now and I believe it—do it intentionally and it will be intentionally the seed of positivity
  4. Help me to motivate myself, keep inspiring me Lord, let my voice keep saying it over and over and over again, the words ‘I Believe’.
  5. To motivate and inspire others. My edges are rough, I’ve been gruff, soften me Lord not into a pansy but to be a person who persons want to be around
  6. To live my faith in you, to take the WORD into action
  7. I ask naught for me (seems like this has all been about me, so confusing, I pray for clarity) but for others, family and friends who are near me, you know my list. I ask Lord for me to be one of the ones who would go all the way—to leave all and follow you–where do you want me to go today Jesus? What do you want me to do now that I’ve knocked on your door?