Monday, a rough morning
I woke and ask Jesus to guide my way
I said ‘thank you God for another day’

My phone was possessed—my mail was possessed—it bothered me—it bothered my wife that it bothered me—something is always bothering me.

I have my daily challenges, she has her people she needs to care for.
I  love that she has people who she cares for—but she cares (gets troubled) that I don’t have her care-ability for the things and people she cares for and about when she’s into her caring—I do care, but she’s and angel, and, well I’m, well, that’s for another memo.

I know she does care about my challenges in so much as they disrupt me—which, in turn disrupts her vibration.

Hey! I get it. I don’t have a handle on how to stop all this foolish round robin merry-go-round of who’s cares are interfering with whom’. Lol

I had to move—do something
I left the house to work out at the club, she went to work.
Now my phone is working—by mail is sending and receiving,  thank you Lord,
I spoke the words “help me Jesus” like she told me to do, and as always Lord, you responded

The residual effect of all this remain to be seen, what impact will be had on the rest of our day. For the day is not over.

I have another great challenge facing me this morning— to undo a big mistake I made last night at the computer, ironically enough, I was recording a song for Jesus, and me, and His people.

So my prayer at this moment is “Lord, help me remember what I’ve learned, stop me before I make those same silly mistakes again. Father Let this day begin again in holy communion—with her—and with you.