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i now stand under the new law of love

what am i all about now Lord
now that i’m not all about me
what am i all about now Lord
when I still am all about me?

what does that mean,
being all about you,
how does it look, how does it feel?
yes, you have changed me Lord
i feel the newness in my soul
i am a new man in you Christ Jesus
but the old one, the old man still hangs on

i am well past youth—
i struggle to cast off youths folly to live this truth
but truth of the laws of life have changed
the new law has come, the new law is you
through your death and dying Lord the new law is you

in all situations i must die to me
i must put on the clothes of who you want me to become
in you / in Christ / in love / in your love for me and for mine in you

i have asked these question of ‘how and what’ 10,000 times
knowing my control is vain, at last i long to give control to you
it’s strange and confusing, unsettling in the least
again i say i’m unsure of what and how to do what i must do
how does my following You become true?
if this is you Lord who whispers to my heart
“fake it, until its real—fake it—follow those who’ve come to the cross,
read the words and pray,
you will learn the way to carry the cross that is yours
for this is your cross now, to surrender, give up, let go.

in My time says the Lord
this newness will bless you completely
even so, be ever mindful—this newness, your surrender never ends,
it is never complete, its forever—each new waking morning, each minute of the day,
each challenge you face through your days
your new you and our relationship will sustain you.

It is written over and over and over in MY WORD,
Psalm 42, start there to find your way,
Isaiah 43:18-19, and—believe!

your path will be revealed
I will never fail you
as you stand under the new law,
the Law of Love and Christ.