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This is about the time of year you hear all sorts of people making New Years Resolutions. Some are going to give up breads, sweets, and many other things. Some have decided to start a new workout routine. And I see it every year for a couple weeks guys are really going good. And eventually they fall off from there good hearted resolution.

For myself, I like to try and make a resolution that doesn’t just focus on me and making myself look better. But more on Christ and the place I give Him in my life. I ask myself, are my eyes fixed on myself or on Christ? When people look at me, do they see Christ’s compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, and hospitality? Or do they see my anger, hostility, lack of compassion, and unforgiveness?

One of the big areas I need to work on in the year to come is hospitality. I’m in a class on Monday afternoons called “Threshold”. It’s a great class for self-examination, and looking to better yourself spiritually. A little over a week ago we did an exercise where each of us presented to the class where we viewed ourselves between two poles. One being hospitality, and the other hostility. I found myself struggling to admit that I was leaning toward hostility more than hospitality. I had many excuses to explain why I was this way over the last year. I guess I had built up resentments towards all the guys Id shown hospitality to. And I felt that they had used me. That my kindness and generosity had been taken advantage of.

Shortly after I sat down after exposing my thoughts on this subject a guy named Martin got up. This is what He said “when I got to this prison in 2010 I was scared to death. It was the middle of January and I was cold. Travis was the first person to greet me. I went to His cell and He gave me a sweatshirt, envelope with a stamp, a bowl and a couple ramen soups, and some coffee. Travis, there isn’t a whole lot of good things I will remember about this place or talk about in the future. But you showing me hospitality on that day is something I will never forget. And its something good that happened to me here that I will share with people when I get out of here.” Martin testifying to this really opened my eyes to how far I had regressed in this area. And it has really inspired me to get back to being that hospitality guy again

So in the new year 2015 I want the light of Christ in me to shine brightly. I want to again show those that are scared, lonely, have strayed, and are tired, that they can find true peace, joy and happiness in Christ. This is my 2015 resolution.. To God be the Glory..