Of all the cancers in the world, I am blessed, yes blessed, I have the least of the beast.

Stage 1. In all the concerts I’ve ever done I don’t think I was lucky enough to be on stage 1, and if this is my shot at Stage 1, I’ll take it.

God booked it, I’ll play it.

I have a guilt feeling in my bones, my pain and uncomfortableness is NOT from cancer, it’s from the smallest amount of radiation possible to fix the smallest tumor, and, most of that was cut out at biopsy.

I don’t know why I need to say this, or to whom I am saying it.
If it be for me to rethink and retool, because this cancer has a 90% cure rate, and I would bet that we’re there now, then that is what I will concentrate on.

Yes, I’m having a more difficult time with fatigue, eating/swallowing, talking is painful, the resting throat discomfort is increasing. At the oncology center they tell me in a week or two I will probable NOT be able to speak, but by mid January the path will be level and unhindered by these side effects of radiation treatment. The path will lead away from the abyss.

I thank God for the Least of the Beast and may I never forget the lessons learned or promises made.

Joe Juliano