God, you wanted my attention. How special does that make me?

You stilled my voice for a while. Got me a little cancer on that overused and abused vocal cord, the one on the right side.

Yeah, for sure enough you got my attention. I crumbled and cried. I thought of everything I needed forgiveness for, especially for not GIVING forgiveness where forgiveness was needed.

Two rad treatments down of the scheduled 28, and, as I practiced some guitar parts in my living room this morning, songs for church this coming, Sunday I found myself singing, kind-a,,,,,sort-a, not really singing like I once used to do, but in more voice than I can say anything with at this moment, and more voice than I’ve been able to do anything with these past 12 months.

Praise to you Lord!

The real ‘thing’ is, what do I do with this voice, (gift) that is coming back, what do I do in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

There should be no question about that at all. There should be no doubt, there should be no forgetting, there should be no more un-forgiving.

I’ve had to write to communicate, then whisper, and now talking is returning. I’ve watched the words I had to write on paper, I had to think of what I was going to write because I could not speak. There it is: Attention to what comes outta my mouth, in the very least that is what I should/will do with this voice (gift) that is coming back in these days, weeks, months and years to come.

Hold me to it Lord, don’t let me slip, help me Jesus, guide my hands, guide my feet, guide my mind and the WORDS I SPEAK.

Left to my ownself I’m bound to fail, but with you, my promise will prevail.

Thanks be to God and his people who have pray’d with me and for me in this most humbling, frightening and educational of times.

My closing thoughts are of Saul, Paul, who was blinded by the light cause he could not see the light. God does have a way of making Him self known to us don’t He?