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forgiveness: the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven:

Letter From T on xx/x/2014

Hope you’re doing well J. I will get to writing you guys a letter here soon. I’ve been praying for you and the ailments you are having. Did you ever get any results? How is R doing? Tell him hello and that I am doing fine. I miss him… Take care my brother.. T

Dear T, You asked, I’ll trust you and will be honest.
R is not doing as well as he did in the house you two shared. His Spirit is being tested. There is not the Christ anchor where he is now that was there, if you know what I mean and if you don’t know what I mean I’ll tell ya, YOU my brother, your spirit was a bless’d blessing that is missing in his house/heart. He has again put so much hope in the future of the BOP and the possibilities that are rumored but as YOU well know, rumors are like hamsters in a spinning wheel. Lots of energy going nowhere.
He is ruminating on the sentence he received against the others, S is out and working 2 jobs, the others are……..ok, I don’t need to go on on that front.

Ailments never seem to let me be. But I must thank God for the cancer I have, at least that’s one worry I don’t have on my plate any more, the worry about getting cancer, I got it, and this one is a little worst than the last one (melanoma) but still treatable curable if God sees fit and I don’t let my negative thought pattern mess up the Spirits work.

D is the one!!! Lord knows, she carries such a load, so much sorrow, such a burden with R and Me and our lack of relationship with JAJ and his wife and the grandkids. Maybe you don’t know about that one, that’s ok, its enough to know that its not ok with D and she cries over it..

Last weeks sermon at church was on the sentence in the Lord prayer, FORGIVE US OUR DEBTS AS WE FORGIVE OUR DEBTORS. I have LONG thought that its simple, God will only forgive us to the extent we forgive others. D has been harboring much anger, resentment to her being resented and shut out. The preacher, who often sounds more like a college professor really hit home with the ‘truth’ of the Holy Spirit and I could see in D’s eyes the awakening. I saw her see the task before her, one she may not like but that’s the way of this life, and that’s the way of God and toward God and His way to us.

A mouth full there huh T, I’m running out your time and minutes on your PC allotment so I will end by saying I love hearing from you and connecting with you.

Who would have thought it huh? You, a young man of God coming into my life, bringing God with you from a prison cell, kinda like Paul huh? You have a mission in your dark mission, maybe we all do until we come to the light and see a glimpse of truth. Much further to go, much more to attempt to understand, but when in doubt and fear, we must reach out to hold the hand of Jesus

How many times a day do I say when I feel the devil attacking my spirit HELP ME JESUS, HELP ME JESUS, I CAN’T DO THIS ALONE, I DON’T KNOW YOU! I SAY I DO BUT I DON’T, I BELIVE IN YOU SO PLEASE HELP ME IN MY UNBELIEF.

Praise God right? Praise him for cancer, for incarceration, for being broke, no voice to sing, lost passion of performing music, the physical ability to ride my bike 500 miles a month, Thank you, there is a lesson in all this, I may not see now but when my eyes are open I will know, not as a selfish child, but as a man.

Peace be with you, give peace to another.
in truth, J,

PS, maybe the lesson is just that God wants to see where we run when the flood comes, to Him or away. But our Father is not a mean-spirited tester, I believe he observes, and, serves through whom we serve.

Words are so simple huh? I believe life is easy, it’s just the living that gets so hard.

outta here

Dear J, Wow—that was very powerful insight you just shared with me. And I really appreciate your words. You’re an amazing man, and much more strong and grounded in the Lord then you give yourself credit for./ With such a strong Hope, helping you and guiding you. I’m encouraged by your words. Thank you for sharing.

I will pray for R and that Jesus can be that Rock of refuge for Him. I’m there, but Jesus is always there. I will reconnect with Him someday.

And its ironic that the Message Sunday here in prison was on forgiveness to!

Praise the Lord. Need to go. Count time and lock down, your friend.. T

forgiveness: the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven: