Day Three:

Speaking Silently

Following vocal chord biopsy I have been forced to NOT talk- speak- not so much as a whisper or a groan.
It’s been a most spiritually humbling experience to have only writing as a way to communicate. My thought goes into EVERY word, anger is held at bay by the
time-factor to put into right write thinking about what to write, considering the spelling (need improvement there mom, sorry)

I recommend a one to three day fast of talking- any speaking, obviously when one has time and space-like off from work, or waiting for radiation therapy sessions to begin.

You may or may not see any reason to try this, but if you do, see what you discover about yourself and others and the way your world changes when you consider every letter in every word you want to communicate, something I bet, maybe only 1% of the speaking world does. But what do I know, for me I’m just not allowed to talk for four days and I welcome all these thoughts that flood my mind, and in order to not go down, I think up stuff, much like this exercise entitled “thoughts on speaking silently”

I don’t believe I’ll be permanently mute and that the treatments the docs design will move me on and I will again be among the singers, but, I pray that what I’m learning in these four days stays with me much longer.