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Son, your voice on the phone sounded like tough times for you today. Tough times for me too. Tough times for mom. When times are tough we say keep the faith. When times are tough for me I say WHAT FAITH? Where’s the Grace.

Proof that times are tough is when we can’t see feel or touch the faith. When we are blind to grace.

Tough times, it’s all about what we can’t control ain’t it? ‘Let Go Let God’ can be power or passé. I can’t control fear and negative thinking

Where’s the faith Joe?

Mom and I try to talk-I come off like a New York cab driver and she gets defensive and accusatory. And you can’t control what? S? Your doubt? Your situation?

Sorry if I’m too in your face son, but, it’s in all our faces, and, the tears on our faces because we can’t grasp the faith. Where’s the grace?

Now, I may be way off base here and into some sort of delusional confession– but before I go on I must say “forgive me FATHER for I have sinned. I lost faith. I let doubt fear anger and worry get in the way of what I was so strong in just a few hours ago”. No delusion. Confession is for real.

It’s 7:27 on Sunday night. A very depressing day. My bad, I was not a good soldier in the spiritual battle today. Father save my life tonight to fight a better battle tomorrow.