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This is a letter I am moved to post-from an inmate in a federal prison. A man, a human being who did not do inhuman things (a non-violent crime) but received twice the guideline sentence for his offense at the whim of a judge who decided to make and example of T. He’s been incarcerated for 11 of 25 years.  This is but one heartbreaking story of the many I have gotten from those who feel so lost, forgotten and hopeless-until Jesus came into their hearts, minds, souls and cells to rescue them and offer forgiveness.

It is letters to and from them that give hope as well. I have been taught much about faith from letters from those who letters mean so much to.
Do we forget the men and women in prison because they are incarcerated?
Please don’t!
Pray for prisoners.
Apostle Paul did even as he was a prisoner-should we do less? I pray not.


In the last couple of weeks my Cellmate has had quite the up and down emotional week. Last Friday He received good news from His Attorney that He was going to get an immediate release because His appeal had been won. I came back to my cell and He was on His knees thanking God and crying tears of joy. And then this Monday after I got back from work I noticed He was again crying tears. These tears didn’t look like tears of joy. In fact they were sad tears as He just found out from His Attorney that the Prosecutor was not going to agree to the deal, and in fact had found new evidence that would make His 14 year sentence still stand.\

I felt sorry for my Cellmate and His emotional roller coaster He had been on. I could relate because I to had been on that same roller coaster. So many times over the last 11 years I’ve had so many highs and lows for my emotions. Many times my hopes were crushed by bad news from the courts for my appeal process. We are in such a vulnerable position here and we hang our hopes on getting home to our families and friends.\

I’ve come to notice that this world is so full of tears. Some of those tears are tears of joy. But most tears are tears of sorrow, defeat, or pain. We lose someone close to us, friends desert us, bad news of someone you love is sick. I’ve wept many times because I realized how stupid I was, feeling sick inside because of the terrible mistakes I’ve made, and I’ve wept when I realized I brought pain and suffering into someone else’s life. And I’ve even wept tears because I got caught doing something wrong, knowing now I have to pay for it. \

I’ve had many tears of joy in my life. Finding out Dad’s cancer was in remission, or Moms tumor was miraculously gone, or when my Little Brothers would win wrestling matches I was filled with such joy bringing me to tears.

Those are some of the most memorable tears I’ve cried. But there was also the many tears shed on nights I was all alone at home, entrenched in addiction I couldn’t kick. I hated the person I had become and I was so sick of hurting myself, and those that loved me. I was crying not exactly knowing where to reach for help. Its to bad that during those times I didn’t really reach out for God, or someone who would’ve led me in the right direction. It was October 28th 2003 that I was so crushed and beaten that I genuinely began to seek for God’s forgiveness. And by the Grace of God I felt pardoned even though I was still behind bars. And today I still feel released from my Past mistakes, and that still brings me to tears. \

So as I watched my Cellmate cry in His bunk, all I could do was pray that in His moments of tears, happy or sad, that it brings Him closer to God. Because that is what I feel when I cry, a closeness to the one who is always there. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.\

To God be the Glory…