my bible says
do not worry/in nothing be anxious
sounds good/feels good
hard as redwood

i am constantly praying
the Lord is my shepherd i shall not want
yet always wanting
this-or that-time alone-alone too much
sweet freedom – overwhelmed with too many choices
worry not /in nothing be anxious,
sounds good / feels good
hard as redwood

we are not perfect
we-believers or not
will at sometime come face to face
with a realized thought…..
we are fallen
none are perfect

in our negatives/fear-worry
are the germinating seeds to a
life of discontentment-
here is the crossroad
righteousness or hopelessness
who gives you your direction?
righteousness or despair?
fallen from Grace – yet Grace abounds

spirit says pray- go to God
find in your creator the handhold/foothold
to climb from whatever prevents you from
sufficient moments of peace
strung together as a lifeline up and out
of your despair
one righteous moment at a time

who weaves your life line?
who is the giver of Hope
who, not what-
offers you your life line up and out of despair?