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Found this and published it first in Dec of 2013

I found this very old love letter in a faded mold incrusted folder in a corner of the room. This was written by my first true true love. She was a passionate Black Irish heart-breaker who eventually did break my heart. 
Those were the early 60’s and here it is 2013 and this note falls onto my desk. Is it Kismet? Is it fate? What strikes me most, after the love she shows me here in her words, is that the struggle for me is the same today as it was then. Time and miles have taught me much, but not enough it would seem.
I have no idea where she is, or what has become of her, but as with all love, it never ends, it transcends time and space and truth is always truth. So here’s to you Lois, where ever you are. Post #190 on God Grace and Guitars.

Those sometime hours are getting fewer
When everything you’re living for is wrong
Times when it seems like you’ve lost what’s coming
And you never really had what’s gone.

People talk about the good ‘times
They see the outside uptight
Funny nobody mentions
Too many empty nights

Nights when you never get started
And the dream’s still up on the shelf
Cause the dream can’t ever make it
Till they put it before themselves.

Days when the 24 hours ahead
Full of people who won’t understand
Make you wonder again if what’s left in the deck
Is worth keeping the cards in your hand.

Those sometime hours are hard to take
It’s always hard when you try
To tell somebody (or understand it yourself)
That you won’t give up and the reason why.

Then Baby, remember
That time that first let you know
That fingers and strings and another man’s words
Could reach in and tear out your soul!

And think about the times when you really get through
When that pain in your heart and the lump in your throat
Has anybody listening’ feeling it too
Happy cause you are; blue cause you’re blue

You remember a song being called your tune
Remember the feel of that axe in your hand
When you and it are lonely on an empty afternoon,
How you make it cry or laugh, then you understand.

Why it’s worth, the hours you spent on that tune
When it finally comes out right
Why the tiredness feels so good
After a real good night

Think of all the people you meet
All the places to go
Even the one’s you’d like to forget
Were good, because now you .now.

Then remember Charlie Brown
He sells insurance to make the bread
While you make your life out of work you love
And don’t you come out ahead? –

Next time Charlie starts cryin’ “conform”
In his 9-5 Oxfords and Brooks Bros. suit
Think what you’ve got and where you’re going’
(Betcha don’t trade in your boots!)

October 15….21,  Don’t cut down Joey week

(and the other 51 too!) I love you, Lois

Found this and published it first in Dec of 2013