Depression is a seemingly endless strand of wrong / i.e. negative thoughts strung together like DNA
as in a double helix

It’s a noose-its strangling me.
It’s a double-edged ax
It’s a guillotine
It’s an enemy
It’s an invading army of one that feels like many
I can not escape until it decides to leave
to give me a reprieve-to give me a false sense of me over coming

Fool that I am
There is no escape
Resistance is futile.

Time drags as the days fly by
Words of someone wiser than I
My only weapon is words
that only come on depressions retreat
useless after the storm

And these after-the-storm words are even used by depression to trick me into thinking I’m wise
wise is a potato chip-ah, humor, or ironies, what ever works right?

Ecclesiastes shows wisdom-I write the observations of the self-inflicted wounds to a too sensitive selfish soul.

Some understand
some can’t stand
some stand and wait
I am all of the some.
I am an army of one-
aren’t we?