Patience /
From Out Of The Gloom
just another antidepressant

What if nothing much has much of a meaning?
And today is just like yesterday?
Where no interest whatsoever is piqued in a
starless cast of players performing in the daily play:
The Redundant Do Over?

The Same, The Same, The Same

Venture another pill or potion to attempt a release to these body pains and emotional morbid moroseness.
Hell’s bells, what’s the use and what’s the point when the point is so dull and useless.

Thunder ⁄ outside me / outside my room / in the big wide world where the play of mother nature’s power and majestic presence is center stage. She is not handicapped, she is a handmaiden to The Lord, she responds perfectly in kind as was her design, big, loud, wet / she moves immovable objects with her unrestrained breath, and with the passing gaze of her eye she then simply teases with a just and gentle breeze choreographing a mesmerizing dance of leaf and limb.

Alas, if nothing and everything means that much, or that little, why then this paltry attempt to touch my deepest depressed emotions?

Perhaps a world-weary-wordy-dance is what I need to beat this mundane devil at his end game that is afoot. Am I, the bit player that I am, just to honor the grace and power God has gifted me with, this monumentally minor capability to see my disaster and choose a path, no matter how small or temporary, to choose a path out of this revolving pit of the despair dance, and create—-
or just wait, in faith, and hope and love for a Devine Reprieve.

Patience /
From Out Of The Gloom came
1 Chronicles 16: 7-37