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I’ve lost the voice I sang with
What’s worse—-I’ve lost the voice who sang to me

the age of loss

Days and nights of sleepless pain
ointments liniments and medication
Sad gray clouds harbor cold winds meant to buffet my ever slowing journey to…….. Where?

Startled! I’m staring at nothing
What are my prayers anymore but
Words of a substance-less noise

The age of loss
Tasks where goals once were are just a churning out of grudge filled emotions and duty’s and to-do lists

Youth and even middle age owns the power of progress
This, the threshold of old age owns nothing more than memories and once upon a times which are now nothing more than use-to-be’s

I see in my mother’s eyes the strain to maintain her independence until———
The age of loss
Release in peace please

Talk to me-
call me-
I will listen
Lest I too simply vaporize and die into the age of loss

I can live without the voice I sang with
but not without the voice that sang to me

Talk to me-
call me-
I will listen
Lest I too simply fade and die to the age of loss