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November 8, 2013

Don’t worry be happy.

I run now to write to you Father God, Abba, before the day or my body or my mind is really in gear I called to you. I say Father good day, good God day. I am blessed and gifted to believe to have you to run to, to share my day with even in my confusion, in my talking to myself it is you who I’m talking to.

Why do I struggle, why do I create anxiety? We are working on fear here today Father. My unoccupied mine creates anxiety. I tumble thing upon thing, upon thing, tasks and again worries, like if there is any space, I must, or it seems so, fill that space with thoughts. Uncontrolled thoughts are dangerous. They of themselves are nothing save for the thoughts I think about what I am thinking. It’s what I think about what I’m thinking about that is the fertile ground or the battleground in my day of solitude.

Is that the point of community groups, to not be alone, to have other people’s problems placed before me in my thoughts to overshadow and stand in front of my own?

What is my problem for today?
1. to fill today with productive things to do
2. or to do nothing and be okay with the space
3. and to pray right now.

Solitude—idle hands are the devils workplace. Do, do, do and if there is nothing to do pray, even in doing make prayer part of doing—make your conversations not just be self-talk but prayer to you my Father.

Remake yourself, it’s time, you have the time. Start by knowing what you would like to be like, liked? Purpose filled? Calm? Say the words—speak the words—read the words in the handbook of life. True its been used and abused by many, but think not on the shadow or the dark but on the illuminating light within the truth within.

Take the word and read but before you do know and ask Father God Abba to impart wisdom and knowledge and understanding to you in what you read. If what you read, if you just open and read and do not understand? then go to a place and read what you do understand and start again from there. Today I read 1Peter, 3:15, and this is what filled me: I have hope in God because I know hopelessness and hopelessness is not from God, hopelessness is death, with God, in God through God there is life.

Jesus died to bring me to God. my struggle has been not so much with Jesus but man, man telling me what and who and why Jesus is and did what he did, when in my instance I should just go to God my Father and ask him to explain and make clear that which he knows I need to know—how to believe, how to defeat the workings of doubt born of fear and mistrust of others inbred from a something in my life that happened so long ago.

How long oh lord, how long before I can simply believe. how about now! hear my plea, the same plea I have pleaded since I knew I was a solitary soul, since I built walls to protect myself from death, dying in my attempt to protect myself from death.

Then I hear and I’m told to die to Christ. Death is inescapable, die to fear or die to life.

Die to fear or die to life and to light, to hope, to surrender to victory, the victory Jesus offers, the victory of life in death—now! here today! and not worry about eternity, and not worry at all!

Can it be as simple as that silly old simple song: Don’t worry be happy.

Make your happiness in your Father, find your happiness in Jesus, feel the contentment offered by the Holy Spirit for your efforts in cultivating faith, the seed of belief.