Broke my finger on Mother’s Day 2013. Haven’t been able to work or make any money since, here is August 30 and the savings have all been spent. Yup, I was bummin but I had to figure God knew what he was doing so I searched a different way to play my acoustic guitar. I found this thing called DADGAD, not a mythological superhero.

DADGAD. It’s pronounced just as ya read it. It’s a very deep, open sound. If I knew how to upload a mp3 here I would cause I’ve written some nice pieces. About 8 songs. Kind of methodic (that a word? it is now!) Some might call it soulful elevator music. I’m loving it.

All instrumental except for one thing that’s kinda funky blues. Its sure not a church song, but in my world all music homes from God and goes back to God in admiration and respect, with the hopes that what I do is what He wants me to do. That was a big mitigating factor as to why I dropped the bar club circuit.

Anyway, the broken finger has done more to rekindle my interest and re-up my love for music than all the “how to find/get your passion back” books on my Kindle shelf. Way to go God!

PS…..just found out how to get music up here in God, Grace and Guitars, yup, you guessed it, pay for more space. As I stated above, I haint worked in a while, and haint made no money, soz I guess we just gotta post the lyrics.

Same old joe
I’m just a man with the blues.

Broke down
Fed up
I’m runnin
On bad luck
Bad news
Short fuse
Whats the point
What’s the use
Same old joe
I’m just a man with the blues

Songs sung
Course run
Over the hill
Lost the thrill
I play’d
I pray’d
Curtain fell
On my passion play
Same old joe
I’m just a man with the blues

Actually. it ain’t no biggie, just a little funky blues ditty. If some cash flows, I’ll be back at cha with the mp3, or 4, or whatever.

Bye 4 now!