Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lord God, Father in Heaven
creator of all I give you thanks—feel my sacrifice of thanksgiving
I am as a child in the body of one who is old
I rebel, I run, I try to hide, however, Father, you are aways there,
you and your angels watch over me

I read the words of Psalms
just as it was then it is now
a running to, a running away
from the same lips come both prayers and curses
how can this be, how unlike you I am

Forgive me in my unbelief,
help me in my belief
please heal my body,
heal my mind
make your ways known to me
and ever more powerful to pull me in

I have been silent
I have been waiting
I have been observing, seeking with little effort,
listening, making myself still
accepting that which has befallen me

Today, the sun moves across the
sky leaning into the southern track,
now cool mornings signal the trees
to shut down the life nourishment to their branches and leaves,
I plead with you —do not shut down your patience and blessing toward me
Come to my aid as these final days open before me
let your will be known to me
and done in my life
I am in need of your guidance
of your love,
of your forgiveness,
of your strength and your healing
I am in need of you as purpose
I need you in my life,
I need to know you as Father.