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What if there is no dream,
nothing hoped for?
No longing.
No great need?
Nothing but routine?
Wake, eat, take your medication, read fiction, do Word Seek, crossword puzzles.In most cases attention will turn in, toward physical or mental health or lack of it.

It’s been stated to me that hope is not a strategy. If there is nothing hoped for one needs no strategy.
Life then becomes lifeless.
As ridicules  as it may sound, that is the reason shopping is so popular.
When all else fails, go shopping.

It is by faith in Jesus Christ that you were/are saved, preserved and enabled to persevere. The others go shopping!

There! In faith—that is where life lives—in faith. Not all can grasp, conger or cajole the quark spark of it, this thing faith.

Next the question is why!?
Why is this thing faith, that is life’s spark, so elusive, so hard for so many to “believe in, invest in,” to have faith in. Faith is a way cool thing to strive for.

Millions of words written and millions of books sold on the matter, and it seems there are those of us who still feel hollow, lonely and unable. “Where is my faith now Lord?”

For most there will be a tomorrow, another day to just pound salt, ponder or go shopping.For the rest, may heaven welcome us with open arms and a seat beneath the tree of peace.