Father God,
Let your Light shine in the dark corners of my life,

Your Light dissipates that which grows in the darkness—fear!
Faith grows in the Light, fear grows in the dark,
the Light is both here, and there, it shines when we look—
Finding it, we then get to (must) act as reflectors of the this Light,
to reach in and illuminate dark places,
in the heart of another, or in a crowd, with your reflected Light

Oh Father, let your Light shine now,
this day—in my heart—in my life.

In my most recent days I have not reflected Light
I have lost sight of you, given sight of you away, until today, again.
For the hundredth time I see my blindness and pray to realign my vision.

I look to the WORD,
always true,
always the same,
ever illuminating,
the rock on which I must stand.
stand tall to see over dark mountains
into the valley of your Light.