Friday, the 5th of July
summer is not over
there are still days
and able’s to get away,
remember this again,
no matter where you go
there you are—you know that one
you’ve heard it stated one hundred thousand times,
so many times in fact
that much of its meaning has been
homogenize and pasteurized and watered down,
let me re-remind you,
the meaning is this—
‘your attitude rules the rules of your attitude’
How bout an attitude of gratitude?
How bout a full metal jacket
of a positive TUDE to combat fear?
Fear is the nuclear weapon used by the bad TUDE—
sour tea is negitiviTEA

Now, the attitude of CAN DO!
What? you aren’t sure of what to do, or what you can do?
Confused? caught in the corner of the maze
and can’t find your way? You lost your cheese?

Close your eyes!Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 8.54.18 AM

Yup! another oft used term,
‘the exercise of VISUALIZE!’
Jesus saves, but its you in control of your way,

Walking on the wild side is not a sin or a crime,
Yup, its scary, but the light/right attitude
can fight and over come that fear and negitiviTEA!

Have a little faith in the things worth having faith in
starting with YOU!

Take a little step, baby steps if you will!

Get on board!

Enjoy the flight to your new frontier!

Its raining and your flights been delayed?
Well what an opportune time to try on
the emperors new clothes,
Suits designed by The Can Do Attitude Company
threads from those crazy guys at Visualize!

Hey kid, ya can’t stop the rain
but you can re-rule the rules of the game,
and while you’re waiting, just go play.

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 8.56.26 AM