this place is not my market place—its a sacred place—for me.
i don’t come here to sell, i come here to
dig out
dig in,
seek fire
touch passion,
fulfill the promise,
and to pretend that i am an artist.
only in the very broadest sense of the word can i even begin to think of myself as an artist and never-never a marketer, salesman, promoter, publisher, or manager. no, i’m more of a roadie now that the show has changed.

i’m knowing now that my life is a story, a solo book. another page has turned.
the final chapters are in the works. this is a self-help place,
albeit a selfish self-help depot where
know-how then become naked and exposed to me and to those unknown souls who stumble upon this place (blog) that’s been founded on God, Grace and Guitars. confession is an like a amino acid here. so to are my redundant confessions that to you, a stranger, may just come across as whining. so be it! i confess i whine—a lot. why not, this is my spot where the only rules are those i hold myself to and the #1 rule is honesty,>honest!
rule #2, work it out and work through it until its done and the vibe rings, all the while knowing no piece is ever ‘done.’

my season of guitars is a shrouded mist over my left shoulder. i can no more explain that statement than i can why at this moment outside my bedroom (no, i don’t have a loft) there is an alarming thunder-storm while the sun is shining a blistery yellow white heat, and there are no rain iClouds (sic) in sight. (levity is allowed and encouraged.)

moving on.

a famous man recently told me what a famous man recently told him about hope. i’m sad to write that his exact words have frittered away from me, that’s often the case with wisdom and deep stuff i encounter and would love to remember. the point made though was that hope is not a plan of action, hope is at best a passive option. to escape barren lands and make something out of the mist, more is needed than hope>i gotta DO something! *

for now, lets leave this as it is because there has been extreme amount of cranial energy used here and i’m in need of a little rest. i won’t go so far as to say i have a head ache, but my mind is exhausted, and my two finger typing is making me dizzy. i’m missing or depleted of some of the essential amino acids that go into this effort to DO something. ‘Gertie, i just can’t go on>for now.’ **

i won’t ‘hope’ to continue, i will continue. I will be patient, and know i will return with more at a later date.

hey! and isn’t good to know that i am not going to say “but first, now a word from our sponsor”!

* At a later date: Often, a mind at rest will find and allow a lost but not subconsciously abandoned morsel of truth to resurface and reappear—clear as a bell or a clap of thunder its there again—as if were never misplaced at all: said famous guy to famous guy:
“Hope is not a strategy!”

** Gertrude “Gertie” Glade – Perry Mason‘s frequently mentioned but seldom-seen receptionist.

Girtie from Perry Mason

Girtie from Perry Mason