i have not lost the voice
only the way to say
what my soul wishes it could say
i have drifted
bit by bit
pieces thrown away
broken —torn
freedom sold to the shaman
seeking outside
a way to heal what is not ill
illusion? but wait! the pain is real!
misaligned, maligned,
worn by time and abuse
we speak, do we think what we say?
or mimic and magpie the proper phrase
hello, goodbye, thank you, i love you
connected or fragmented
do we think or do we just do
i regret and fret
this choice, too, is misguided
perhaps, oh my soul,
my thoughtless words have come to pass,
has that which i paid no attention too
become real?

i have not lost the voice
i have buried it within fear,
clothed the voice in insecurities,
doubts have taken possession
i have not lost the voice
i have given it away

(to be continued)