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The Lord hears my prayers, this I know

It was you Lord who fouled the taste of the ‘caine and weed,
You who soured the taste of wine, not me who overcame
You, the one called the higher power

You oh Lord, are less a mystery to me each day
My comforter, my teacher, my strength and my hiding place

Temptation comes
Placed right in my hand,
I throw it down, for I can say no,

I fear loosing you, you who I revere,
but faith say’s that isn’t so
I’ve been freed from the illusion of momentary euphoria,
Nothing last like you
Your strong word is my shelter.

There is not enough money-gold or idol awards that can take your place

Temptation does come and in my weakness I am tempted
your strong word is a seed that grows,

Your word written day and night on my heart and soul.
I hear it, read it, and sing of it in my private place, full of Grace

This earth is beautiful, your creation, a precious gift to your children,
I beware the world, for it’s full of deceit, sorrow and injustice
You warn us to be in it but not of it,
strengthen me so it may be so

Praise God, Holy Spirit in Jesus name,