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Psalm 119, I think 71-72 or so (I think)

‘It was good to be afflicted, it taught me your decrees, which are worth more than thousand of pieces of silver or gold’

Key word there for me???? WAS!

Afflictions are many for me,
blessings abound,
I fly then drop hard like a stone to the ground,
then through effort,
yes of my own,
fueled by so much disgust of my failings,
God, like a stairway, offers a railing,
a banister of gold and steel and teak ribbed for a sure grasp
I can grab a’holt
clamp on tight
take one step
one step at a time
eyes up, not on the floor
look where I am going
not where I was before
sounds simple, pedestrian and
adolescent and tooled for a court jester,
so be it,

It’s just that today, this moment,
I can believe this contentment and
this peace.

His ‘Well met young man, Well done indeed’!
and the healing power of prayer, in a mantra I’m calling you,
“Help me Jesus, Help me please”!