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February 2, 2013 7:49 AM

A grey morning follows yesterdays snow
that blankets the yards in puffs reminiscent  of Charmin
all below heavy grey-blue clouds
braking up in strips to reveal
hits of pink and a pale view
of last nights half-moon.

Neighbors shovel neighbors drives.
the only sound that beaks up
this Saturday morning silence,
even the freeway sounds sound subdued 
no rush hour traffic
with harried people hurrying with place to go

Sleep was rewarding,
waking was the real reward of this day,
the tired I feel at this moment will melt away,
melt sooner than the mounds
of pristine sparkling snow,
2 degrees below is the promise to that

It’s Saturday, Feb 2
no pressing plans,
free to do, or not,
what my heart or spirit entertains