January 30, 2013 7:42 AM

I know there is a battle going on for my soul

it’s an advantage to know this—to be aware of this
and use this awareness to join in the good fight
today I take back the life God has given me

Today there is room for hopefulness
Today I am hopeful
Today I forgive myself for past battles lost
and for succumbing to the lie that I am hopeless
life is not hopeless

Today life, my life, is hopeful, full of hope, opportunities
to serve in a healthful way, both myself and others
Today, one day, Wednesday

Today I am hopeful
I feel good, not hung over, a little desire to take it easy
To pace, no race
The dread of OMG, ‘another day’ is not present
Together we stand you and me Big Man

I embrace the restful, I do not succumb to lazy

Today there IS hope