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addiction (Photo credit: chandrika221)

Anytime I can I will answer your call—
don’t let fear get in your way—
you are standing near an edge
of fear, of faith, of life, of death—
know that anytime I can, I will answer your call—

God don’t want what’s not good for you—
like Moses and his nation
fear can blind eyes from manna—
yet I know it’s true
even for you God will provide—

Fear can blind
still, one speck of faith
undoes a pound of fear
praise God—Anytime I can, I will answer your call

But if by chance we miss—
please, for the love of God
and His freely given grace
don’t reject the second chance

I am but one, but for you there are many—
many who will be there for you,
if you will but make the call!

This is redundant I know,
but it bears repeating and repeat it I must,
Anytime I can I will answer your call-