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He is as dry as a dessert
parched and cracked to the
heart of his soul

One would think the tears he sheds
would soften this arid place,
salty tears to wash away the dust of depression
and soften the clay of a hearts regret
and so it is so

These tears shed unashamed here in the temple,
down on sore knees, hands raised in praise
He heals and seals, cauterizes’s
the myth of un-healable wounds.

Like aloe and a spiritual salve
these tears are what evil despises
and the Lord adores
these tears— this is confession
this is contrition,
this is better than burnt offerings or
incense, or alms in the plate that
passes from hand to hand by man

Here is one with a bleeding heart,
from a pleading heart come
prayers prayed through parched lips
living out the covenant of sin and redemption.

“What say you of the Lord our God” asks spirit!
“Second Chance” shouts he without a second thought
right there in the middle of the congregation

As he shouts out his soul whispers
“Father there is much I don’t understand,”
as those around him see his tears….
they see and feel sin and shame melt away,
the congragants are touched with God’s forgiveness as well

Accepted is Gods grace and outpouring of affection
in ways they can’t explain, define or capture or hold in their hand.

This is the way of God, and the Comforter

All know that this will happen again, the sins, confession
repentance, true sorrow fading into a vibrant calm,
a river of peace where flows Gods acceptance from our atonement

For as long as time is time
and sin is sin, for that long, and longer
God will listen and whisper
“Yes, your true confession is blessed, in the tears you shed,
in the quite place of your upper room
or here openly in the temple of praise

Now peace,
Now quite
Now calm
Now be still and know that I am God

Hear me

Fear me

Love me as I love you