I’m too old to commit suicide
death will come soon enough
when it’s time

It’s just this damn darkness
the inbetweeness of
me and her,
or is it her and I
that we have to put up with

If this is and emergency
hang up the phone and dial 911,
what for, to prolong the fun?
besides that the truth is that
there is no one there after 5,
leave a message and we’ll get back to you……

if your still alive……….

sorry bout this guys,
this is really no joking matter
but what’s the matter honey?
is a question that can not be answered dear

I ramble and rumble
and wear my purple heart
on the battle field of depression
which consumes my life

my best friend say’s I like to suffer
i say no, but if suffer I must
I am going to put it to work
I will beat the devil at his own game

I face him with what he wants me to fear
and write to my self cause there’s no one
who doesn’t get $150 an hour to listen

I’ll bang bad chords on my guitar
and make nonsense sound classical
to my brides untrained ear that is
only half hearing because she’s doped by TV

If this is an emergency?
of course it’s an emergency
and emergency emerging
again and again, rearing it’s ugly head
why else would a 64 year old man be thinking

Ok, it’s past,
for now, till then, when again
I’m called to duty
to be a sol