Sounds approach me in a rhythmic pace
a cadence of time vibrations moving air
I feel sounds, tones, high and low
life contained in a rhythm,
a groove written in a rhyming time

Groove me,move me,
surround my core, mind-body and soul
music is a prison at times, crafted within a mystic key
find the key to unlock your sentenced sensitive sentient soul

Freedemic, Penatomic, Vibranotic
SuperSubSonic, hypnotic, are you hip
patterns, repeats, coda, D S and L
go here, go there, too much theory can ruin the flow ya know

Toss the lines on paper,
dismantle dots and bars and sharps and flats
open your eyes with your ears

In the now for the moment
for now this moment is in
reluctance causes me to reluctantly confess
I like the key of Eminor

Wind moving
causing sound,
sound that soothes or anxious’sonicates
a mood of war or peace

Dance to the tone of some distant drummer
beating sticks on skins
or slapping hands to chest
hand jive is all we need to keep the groove alive

Moving air,
making sounds,
making music
on tarps harps or cans

Invest till I can’t invest no mo!
I’ve lost the chord, the moods shot,
the meaning of the message is lost
but maybe not lost—just transposed!

Sound moving air
making sound
making music
moving me from here to there

They groove me, move me,
let me know that I’M ALIVE!