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Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012

Outside in the back 40 our old pine trees are leaded with snow
they dance in the new morning breeze
hints of sun shine bring tears of joyful depression to my eyes.

i have a rhythm life—dark and light–surrender and fight.

today she would have been 25 years old—so in my sorrow I lean on everlasting arms, his everlasting armsRegina eating cake

the ‘dream’ vibrates to an accelerated pitch,
the dream indescribable,
now i see the wind
as well as hear the wind
it is a soulful choir screaming and shouting joy for survivors

an angel sings solo in the choir’s chorus
she touches my soul
she lifts my weeping-father tears—she tells me it’s all alright—
we’re gonna make it


today i do not ‘damn’ depression, it is what it is
i’m raised through meditation
I seek truth and know my part as a soul seeker, seeking,
knowing I know nothing means I know something—
I must keep seeking,
not knowledge, but wisdom!

Oh Holy Choir i hear you, i feel you, your calling is singing,
your song is strong with voices that lead me through the low timeroads to
climb to a C above high C
I’m lifted to a place of testimony not by my words
for words are words
know me by my deeds unseen, done not for show

i seek a place of peace today
and live in memory with a fathers love and obligation to her,
for who she was, for what she has done as both child and angel