Identity and disciple crisis

I would like to believe that God provided me a clearer picture to all the identity and disciple issues placed before me lately. The clarity came during and following a mind-self-ego dumping, soul emptying bike ride of 23 miles into a 17 mph wind this morning

Its purpose, life and the corporate quiz of identity and discipleship, is for me to create its purpose.

In as much as God created us in his image and gave us imagination, we are co-creators also, by Him making us in his image.

I am a rebel (not the Confederate kind), I am a non-conformist and I rebel to conformity. I know, that is a redundant statement but repetition sometimes helps to clarify. It is my path and my journey to deal with these, my obstacle/blessings, as best and to the best I can. I am a poet, writer, thinker, imaginator, co-creator.

My path to know Him is through struggle, with myself, with those around me whose points of views are put to me as something outside me and attempt make me into something that should be ‘me’ according to something they define. In this struggle, the truth of me, of God and me, our relationship, intimate, is revealed—to me.

There it is, plain and simple. Now, can I skip class Tuesday?

Okay, I’ll go just to get my gold star, and when presented it, I will refuse to accept it in the name of a cause as of yet unnamed.

To this dude…..I can relate,

If this stuff only make sense to me, and I am sure that that is the case, then it just proves, maybe only to me, what I am saying is true.

(laugh track, fade to black)


Some religions on the other hand makes life so much simpler,
do this
don’t do that
say this
don’t say that
stand up
sit down
don’t fight fight fight