Thank you Lord
For this brief moment
To create and commemorate
An angel who resides with you

A brief note to Regina

Then, it was a Tuesday, in 1989,
Has it really been twenty three years
To today, Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I sit alone but not lonely
In a room in a house you’ve never known
You so long gone,
Gone not long at all
Never gone

You pervade my soul
In a flash you are here in my heart’s eye
More, much more than a memory
You were and are a part of me
Tears come still when I speak your name

Jesus said ‘let the dead bury the dead’
Count me a sinner then
For I have never buried you
Unless it be within me
Buried deep within me where you were born

After all this time
I do still mourn the loss of you
As you were
And as you might be today

My young Lady
Past the adolescent crazies
Beyond the teens
Perhaps you would be a countess
In court of some high minded king
For surly you were once and still are
My Queen
From then, 12/11/87
To now, and each day between

My old bones creek and grown
As I go about my days
No strain at all to carry you
in my heart and mind
I wrestle this humble uneducated note
To be a reaching and a binding with you
To keep my demons at bay

It all just comes down to this my dear
I am a father who misses his miss
So, let these tears cleanse me
Of the long lingering pain,
Cleanse me now as I pray with heart, mind and soul
That I’ll be forgiven, then to be with you again
In the undetermined, yet inevitable coming of someday